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This Welsh company has been around since 2005 and is growing rapidly, boasting good prices and a large Blu-ray inventory.

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Visit Why Buy Games? Site Why Buy Games? was launched in 2005 and is a rapidly growing site with a solid design, good prices, and inventory. Based on Wales, they cover all the major consoles except the Gamecube, stocking an impressive 3,400+ unique titles (though not the 6,000+ claimed on the site, we actually counted).

The site design is good, and they do offer a customer service phone number - an increasing rarity. They also allow you suspend your account if you go on holiday, which is a welcome addition.

WhyBuyGames claim that over 80% of their customers receive their top game choice, which if true would make them unique in the industry, so we're a bit skeptical.

The site is easy to navigate, and has a solid design. Games include descriptions and ratings amongst other details like publisher, release date, players, age rating, and category (genre). They also have other reccomended titles below the game you're looking at, which is useful for browsing.

Again, the site is the only game rental site based in Wales, and you'll probably get the best postal turnaround times if you live nearby. They note local Welsh celebrities such as ex-boy band member Andy Scott-Lee have subscribed to the service, and they have reputation for excellent customer satisfaction. Paul Billington-Dykes, Technical Director of WhyBuyGames notes “families that have 2 or more children can’t always afford to buy the latest games for their kids, so this type of service is a perfect way to save money.”

WhyBuyGames? appears to be rapidly expanding its inventory, and currently stocks 350+ titles for the PS2, 90+ for the PS3, 90+ for the Xbox, 250+ for the Xbox 360, 240+ for the PSP, 220+ for the Wii, 290+ for the DS, and 60+ for the Gameboy Advance. Unlike any other games rental site, they also stock 550+ Blu-ray high definition titles, a very impressive amount. If you own a PS3, with built-in Blu-ray player, this company is an obvious choice. On seeing the expansion in their inventory and other additions, we bumped them up our rankings in September, and likely will do so in the near future if this trend continues.


Prices: Why Buy Games? offer a choice of 3 tariffs: a one game at-a-time unlimited subscription for £9.49, 2 for a very competitive £12.49, and 3 for an extraordinary £14.49 making them the cheapest games-only price for 2 and 3 games at-a-time packages. They offer a 10-day free trial only on the 1 game package.

If you cancel, Why Buy Games Terms and Conditions require you get proof of posting from Royal Mail, which is free. You must return any games in yourpossession within 7 dats or be charged the full retail price.

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Why Buy Games? Game Rental Customer Comments
Featured Why Buy Games? Customer Review

Wayne from South Shields, 21 January, 2008

I have been with whybuygames for a few months now and there service is the best there is send them an email and they will ring you to sort out any enquiries within a day and they are very nice and helpfull over the phone i have had a couple of problems but they were very helpful to sort out by giving me a free month and couple times they ask me what game I want next with me getting it the next day and you pretty much wont get games at the top of your list (no other site does anyways) only couple time since joining i have tryed most rental sites and i just find these to be the on 15 a month for 3 games unlimited rentals...cant go wrong with that

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Most Recent Why Buy Games? Customer Reviews

Paul from Kent, August 18, 2010

1. It takes 7 days+ from posting a title back and receiving another. 2. Website often does not work properly with broken links and unable to add titles to the RentalQ 3. Double payments taken each month That's WHY YOU SHOULD BUY GAMES.COM

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Paul from Kent, August 12, 2010

Been a member for about a year. Just left them. After new site launch, everything went down hill. Site is buggy. Emails returned. Long turn around times. Shame.

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Ron, April 4, 2010

do not join them whatver you do. joined the freetrail, didnt recieve a game for 1 week then cancelled got proof of purchase and retuned game wihin timescale got charges on my card for 33.99 twice even though rented one game and returned with proof of purchase. cant get hold of them tons of email and calls. do not join

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Anon from London, February 19, 2009

Why Buy Games has fallen so short of the mark recently it's a shame. All the 5-star reviews below are sadly irrelevant to their current shambolic service with games taking over 7 days to turn around in some cases (door-to-door). On occasions I've had to email to ask why when I have double the minimum number of games on my rental list has nothing been selected for dispatch for over 2 days.

Customer service seem ok, when you can get hold of them - but the simple truth is the service is not good value for money, no matter how cheap because delays in receiving titles hamper the service and end up costing you more.

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Scott, January 4, 2009

I signed up for WhyBuyGames on a free trial. During this trial (which I only kept up a couple of days and never got a game), I recieved multiple errors from their website, one which perpetually jammed me into rentals I didn't want. I was unable to sort this for some time.

I contacted them multiple times and got no reply at all over a week. I was eventually able to cancel the rentals and my account via the website, but this took a lot of unneeded effort due to the errors and problems on their website.

The value is nice if you don't lose the games sent to you, but the design flaws and poor customer service made me cancel the trial before I even got to try out a game. I was not impressed.

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John, December 23, 2008

why buy games is a great company going sour... Customer service is terrible, 3 to 4 weeks to reply an email. I challenge you to call then before you sign the contract, did they reply? I guess not as the telephone is never answered. Shame when companies can't expand correctly. Beware of hidden charges if a game gets lost in the post.

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Phil, June 18, 2008

I myself have been with for about 2 months now, i chose the 3game package (PLATINUM) and it is awsom They e-mail me when the games are being dispatched and they even hepl you get games that you desperatly desire, from kids games to full out war games they will help you get the game you want :D The website is basic but does the job well, only this i wish is that they were to put a whole catalog list on the site as somtimes i just want to rent something a bit different I would recomment this service to anybody and everybody Great work guys thanks for helping me get a better GamerScore :D

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Tony from Manchester, 13 January, 2008

I have used other sites before for games and found they never can practise what they preach. Whybuygames gave exactly what they promised. Site was very easy to use and there customer service was excellent. Five out of Five.

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