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The UK's largest selections of games for all consoles, offering fast turnaround times and a redesigned site

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SwapGame Game Rental Review

Visit SwapGame Site SwapGame offer the largest catalogue of titles for all the major games consoles in Europe, fast turnaround and an easy to use site.

Launched in 2003, SwapGame claim to be the UK's largest games rental company, and in terms of raw numbers of titles (7,700+), they certainly deliver, though keep in mind that many of these are for older systems like the PS2 and Gamecube--the top few UK rental companies are all comparable in their stocks of new releases for the current consoles.

We're impressed by SwapGame's new site design, unveiled in June 2009, with a better layout and streamlined functions like drag and drop functionality for adding games to your queue. They also note that shipping is quicker, and the majority of users will get one of their top three choices. There are also minor extras, like the ability to post game comments/reviews on the site customised with your own avatar as well as a Twitter feed. The top reviewer of the month gets a free game. There are also many more trailers and screenshots than before.

Unlike some sites which email you the instructions (or more often than not, forget to email you), SwapGame allows instructions for each game to be downloaded directly from their site. Other features include a month's free games rental for referring a friend, gift subscriptions, and the opportunity to keep games by buying them for a reasonable price--they will then mail you the box and instructions.

We've heard a few complaints about SwapGame--namely that the site can be a little slow--but it is easy to use, includes online reviews and ratings of the games, including screenshots, games trailers, age ratings and classifications. We especially like their personalised game recommendations based on a member's rental patterns, taste, and ratings (powered by their "GameMatch" technology). Their site also offers easy browsing, with 10 genres, and keyword searches by platform.

You can also purchase rental games--the only service to allow sale of every title they stock--for up to 50% off retail price, with new boxes and instructions. Likewise there is a new trade in function, where you can send your used games to them and get £2.50 up to £32.00 depending on the age/popularity of the game. We believe Swapgame is the first game service to implement this feature, and it beats the hassle of selling on ebay or going to the high street, as you get instant credit for the games and can use that to buy other titles. Swapgame also now offers the UK's first video game rental charts which are dynamically generated from their membership base to show the most popular rentals.

Turnaround time is good on the whole. They mail games from a centralized distribution center in the West Midlands, and aim to generally achieve next day delivery, Royal Mail allowing. We are pleased that Swapgame has a customer service phone lines instead of the online support many companies stick to--hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6:30pm. Likewise, they've upgraded their customer service mail address to a FREEPOST one. However, judging from customer comments by visitors to our site, SwapGame's customer service lets the side down a bit--and therefore since 2008 we have ranked them third best in the UK vice their previous number one spot. That said, we think they've improved of late and are impressed with the June 2009 site redesign, so added a half star to their design rating.

Swapgame has a compelling startup story. It was founded in 2003 by Marc Day, who was waiting in line at a video store, frustrated he hadn't had enough time to finish the game he'd been renting. As he had just finished studying business at university, he decided to start a company renting video games (the first one to do so in the UK), and the company has gone from strength to strength since then.


Prices: SwapGame offer three rental packages, at one game-at-a-time for £9.99 per month, two for £14.99, and they have launched a one total game out for the month for only £3.99 (very cheap, but you'd really hope you got that one title from the top of your list and it didn't turn out to be a dud). They used to offer 10-day free trials, but have switched in 2009 to half price for your first month's subscription.

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SwapGame Game Rental Customer Comments
Featured Swapgame Customer Review

J from Plymouth, February 3, 2010

I have been with SwapGame for over six months now and their service has been excellent. The games continue to arrive quickly after the free trial period and they always offer a good selection of the latest titles for all formats.

I have tried Gametart but found their turnaround slow and quality of discs poor, some didn't play and needed sending back which wastes your monthly fee.

Customer service counts for a lot these days and I can't fault SwapGame on this. I've always had responses within a few hours and they are always happy to help.

The best service in the UK by far, I would definately recommend them.

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Most Recent Swapgame Customer Reviews

Rob from London, 13 December, 2009

You can't go wrong with Swapgame, good prices and a very wide selection, has saved me a fortune over retail.

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Kirsty from Newcastle, 22 October, 2008

Swapgame were the first gaming service I ever used, and honestly I had very few problems using their service to begin with. But as others have reported, it's when you try to cancel that the problems really surface. After moving to a different city, I resumed my Swapgame account after freezing it and the service, which had previously been very satisfactory became extremely poor. The turnaround time was slow, and I often received games that were right at the bottom of my list. I soon decided to try a different company, so cancelled my subscription. I returned 2 DS games which they then claimed had not been received, and they charged me for both, even though I had proof of posting! I was told I would have to reclaim the money via Royal Mail which took six weeks (however, I did get the amount charged back from Royal Mail but not Swapgame). After reading through reviews, I see other people have also had games mysteriously disappear after cancelling - very suspicious! What irritated me especially was the fact that Swapgame took my money even though I had the proof of posting and they had no proof at all to say they hadn't received the games. I would definitely not recommend anyone using Swapgame - I have since used other services (Gamesmonster and Whybuygames) and both have had far better turn around times and no dirty tricks when you cancel (at least from Gamesmonster, not yet cancelled with wbg).

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Spencer, 1 September, 2008

I've been with them for 18 months now and I never had to complain. I almost always got my first choice game and they are very quick sending games. I used to be with Boomerang but I definitely prefer Swapgame.

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David, 17 June, 2008

Swapgame turnaround times are ok, but a tad slow sometimes. Especially when your wanting mainly new games, but they are new releases so I guess that can slide for now. The only majour problem I have with them is their website. I don't know if they're upgrading it at the moment but for the last few weeks when I try to use it it simply wont work. Its odd because the site actually works fine until you you log in. Then it just breaks, takes ages to load and likes to crash. I tried it with a few different computers to see if their was just something wrong with mine but happened on all of um'.

Swapgame provides a pretty good service overall, not had any majour problems. IF they'd just make their site better it'd be the best around.

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