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Boomerang is one of the most innovative and fast-growing UK game rental companies -- highly recommended

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Visit Boomerang Site Boomerang have developed into one of the best games rental companies around, so we bumped them up to our number two ranking in May 2008; we highly recommend them for their unusually long free trial period of three weeks, and their excellent, personal customer service. Boomerang's founder and Managing Director, Nick Palczynski, is an avid gamer himself, and takes pride in delivering excellent customer service. You can even email him direct on the site!

Boomerang currently offers an impressive 4,000+ titles; 290+ titles for XBox, 640+ for PS2, 350+ PSP titles, 540+ for Xbox 360, 640+ for Wii, 410+ for PS3, and 800+ for Nintendo DS.

A new website design was unveiled in November 2008. There are many innovations, starting with the fact that it's wider than before and so can fit more info and makes navigation easier. There are now quick select categories to improve browsing, like Top Games, Most Rented, Latest Reviewed, etc. There is also more title information, including release dates for upcoming games. You can arrange your game queue (or pipeline as it's called) simply by dragging and dropping titles in your chosen priority order, a simple yet novel approach we haven't seen with other companies.

In 2009, Boomerang followed up with a new customisation feature (a UK and indeed the world first to our knowledge) that allows you to set your preference for receiving games from your queue. For instance, you can select "Top 3" or "Top 5" options, and you'll always get a game from near the top of your queue, though turnaround may be slower if all the copies are rented out. You can also click the Balanced option which aims for regular top choices with as quick a turnaround as possible--basically this is their regular service. Or you can choose Fast, which will get your next game out as quickly as possible, when you're more concerned about having a game ASAP even though it may be from lower down your queue.

Boomerang still feature a strong search engine that allows selection by console, title, and age range. All game titles include reviews and most now have screenshots too.Game instructions are now available on the site, one of the few companies which does this (you need to be logged in to view).

Boomerang are also the only company to offer a 'priority service' where, for a small additional fee, you will be guaranteed to be at the front of the queue for new releases -- not to be underestimated if you've experienced waiting weeks of playing older games when you really only want that top new release. Availability of titles is also now more transparent as indicated by green/yellow/red 'rent now' buttons to give an indication of whether you are likely to have to wait a while for your desired game to be dispatched.

Boomerang continue to respond to customer feedback and gladly evolve their service in response to comments. We expect to see this company go from strength to strength. In July they added two options for purchasing games: "Buy It" which lets you purchase ex-rental games at a discounts, often over 50% off retail, and "Keep It" which lets you purchase a game you're currently renting, and they'll dispatch the manual and box. All purchases are covered by their 30 Day No Quibble Guarantee and shipping is free.


Prices: Again, their free trial is a long 21 days at the one game rental at a time level, to a total of up to three game swaps. Boomerang offer an impressive range of eight tariffs including a new budget package (limited to 1 rental only per month for £3.49 ranging all the way up to a four games out unlimited plan for £25.99 (the only site we know of to offer so many games out at once, and for a reasonable price).

See the sidebar for their many other plans--there should be an option to suit everyone's gaming habits.


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Boomerang Game Rental Customer Comments
Featured Boomerang Customer Review

Mark, December 17, 2009

Been with these guys for 2 months now, and haven't let me down at all. Was with a previous game rental company that was terrible, but Boomerang are soooo much better.

Great selection of games, FAST TURNAROUND, which we all know is the key important factor, and im finally getting all the games i want rather that old old titles.

Had to email Boomerang to see if they had received a game back and it hadn't got lost with the christmas post. Had a fast and professional response and matter was sorted straight away!

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Most Recent Boomerang Customer Reviews

Paul from Sheffield, April 27, 2011

I have mixed feelings about this company. I have been with them for a while and in all that time they always take over a week to send a game once my monthly game rental is reset. I am on the 3.49 package which is great value for money but the delay of over a week only gives you less than 3 weeks to play the game and return it or you are losing out. That said, I have had some of the new releases within a week which is very good.

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Brett from Cambridge, February 7, 2011

I have been with boomerang for 2 years now and for the 1st year couldn't really fault them but then game turnaround started taking ages. I had mine set on top3 which it states will take a few days to a week more but was turning into weeks! At one point waited 2 weeks for a game sent it back next day cos it was rubbish and then waited 2 1/2 weeks for another which is poor considering i was paying 9.99 a month. They also seem to wait an extra few days to send the next game if its near the next payment date. Im moving to gameswap and wouldn't recommend boomerang.

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Dawn from Hampshire, January 24, 2011

couldnt praise this site enough. customer services are the best ive ever come across, nothings too much trouble and you get the personal touch not like the big companies. ive been with them a couple of years now and ive never had a problem with them and have recommended to everyone i know.

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Joe from Lincolnshire, December 11, 2010

Been with Boomerang a few months now on their 10 package, can't say I regularly get stuff right from the top of my list with them but that isn't why I signed up, and is why my pipeline is set to their "Balanced" option. Games are always dispatched pretty damn quick (when I post on a Monday, it gets here wednesday or thursday latest!) Their customer service is second to none and if you've got major issues you can email directly to Nick (managing director) and he ACTUALLY replies!

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Daniel from Nottingham, September 13, 2010

Been with Boomerang for a while now after trying some others. The service is top notch and i have no complaints. I would highly recommend this fantastic company. They have a fast turn around and excellent customer service!! Hurry up and get yourself signed up now.

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Mark from Devizes, July 14, 2010

Always wait aronud a week for a game to be posted sometimes they do not remove game you have returned for four or days to try to stop you from complaing about not being sent anything always have 15-20 games on my list and always sent games from middle to bottom of list usually takes me around 2-3 months to get new releases.

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Hardy, March 22, 2010

I was a little disappointed with Boomerang. I started out on the 3 week free trial and they had initially sent out my first game very quickly. However, once I had returned my rental I was left waiting for a week and a half, still without my next game on the list being sent. A lot of people have high praise for this company, but unfortunately for myself I was a little underwhelmed. I signed back up with Lovefilm and they had sent out high demand games within a week of their release. These guys are worth a shot though if you are looking for an alternative.

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Chris from West Lothian, December 26, 2009

been with boomerang over a year now and they are a great company quick game turnaround fast delivery great web design diffrent packages you can chose from no contract cancel any time and they are really helpfull if a game gets lost in the post i have only had 1 game go missing due to royal mail 10/10 i have been with a few other game rental compnies and this is by far the best.

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Jon, August 29, 2009

Boomerang offer an excellent service, faster and better selection than lovefilm. Great for getting expensive wii games, which are casual after all, playing a couple weeks, then sending back. I agree with James that the best taster package is at 7.99 for great variety. I mean, only a hardcore gamer will get through more than two games a month, so it's a great price.

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James from Reading, June 14, 2009

I've been with Boomerang for a couple of months now on their budget 7.99 tariff. I'm only after 360 games and they seem to have a good selection. It's easy to add games to your wishlist. The main issue is being sent items from further down my wishlist than I would like. The last game I received was No 6 on my list. I've had a couple of No 2 games sent and a No 4. This isn't bad, but only really worth doing if there are a bunch of games you're after and you're not too bothered what you play. I'll give them credit for fast turnaround, provided there are plenty of games on the list they tend to dispatch a new game the same day they receive the last one.

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